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Many definitions of language have already been proposed. Henry Sweet, an English phonetician and language scholar, stated: “Language may be the expression of ideas through speech-sounds combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, this mixture answering compared to that of ideas into thoughts.

A language might be more than a few words and rules based on how to put those words together; it can be another world. Speaking French will give you access to the field of over 75 million native speakers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and 263 million people throughout the rest with the world who speak becoming a second language – the majority of them in West Africa.

language assistance to express and transmission of thoughts.language assistance to understand feelings of folks.inside our world there are lots of languages can be found but they are completely different from other language. a much better understanding about language make easier survive on the globe.inside of a best understanding about language help mix with other sites.
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language assist with deleiver your personality.it help make strong your personality,experiences,achievements,strengh.an affective language can also help increase your confidence,morale,plus much more.that assist make and maintaine an efficient carrier opportunities.a person with a highly effective language techniqe give happiness to every one human and species. French can be a Romance language with the Indo-European family.
French is one with the world’s major languages. It can be a main or official language not only in France, but also in parts of Belgium and Switzerland, in Monaco, in areas of Canada – notably although not only in Quebec – in addition to being widely spoken in north and west Africa, Lebanon, and areas of south-east Asia, particularly former French colonies. It is an official or possibly a main second language in 55 countries worldwide, and is also reputed for being the language you are studying which is hottest in international communications, after English. Almost 300 million people speak French because their native language or as a 2nd language.
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