Publishing Policy

Terms and Agreements for Using Al Tareeq:


Users of Al Tareeq should not violate any international laws and decrees that protect human rights and dignities; people’s right to privacy are respected, and subjecting them to violence or offense is prohibited on our platform. We do not approve of using any material copied from our website for the purpose of discrediting.

Users may not edit or alter any information found on Al Tareeq, nor use information for any personal or financial gain.

Citations and references must be stated clearly in the case of obtaining information from our website. In any other case of using materials from the website, obtaining managerial approval is a must.

Al Tareeq seeks to create an interactive community between their publications and readers through publishing comments and contributions. Comments are reviewed and approved according to terms and conditions of the platform; we do not fester with any comments except for linguistic purposes. Therefore, any legal consequences fall upon the commenter or contributor, and do not necessarily express the opinions or vision of the platform. Al Tareeq will take the necessary action of removing comments and contributions or banning users if the following occur:

Discrimination against identity or beliefs, and expressing and/or spreading hate speech against any individuals or institutions in regards to their gender, religion, ideology, race, age, or any other aspects of their identity. In the case of any infractions to these rules, banning the user will take effect;

Sharing URLs of external websites for the purpose of advertisement, or of other news websites that are irrelevant to the content; if this occurs, comments will be removed.

Calling for strife, hate, violence, crime, or murder against any individual or entity; in this case, comments will be removed;

Repetition; in the case of repetitive statements, whether it is a technical issue or a deliberate form of emphasis of opinion, the duplicated comments will be removed;

Sharing personal information such as telephone numbers and detailed addresses – however, names and occupations may be shared if necessary; comments that contain contact information will be removed regardless of their content.

Libeling the personal lives of individuals – including public figures; this entails directing hate speech towards them, or accusing them of committing crimes that hold no evidence;

Defaming individuals, violating their rights, stalking them, harassing or threatening them, or sharing their confidential information;

Interacting with comments that cause social harm; this includes extremism, racism, blackmailing, and cursing;

Commenting with explicit sexual language or imagery; this includes sharing explicit images and/or pornography;

Interacting with comments that violate the civil and criminal law; this includes using the platform as a space to call for activities that are clearly stated against the constitution;

Sharing advertisements;

Impersonating others, or using usernames that are triggering for others, or connote explicit language.

It is strictly prohibited to violate authorship and copyright laws in sharing material found on the website – referring to the author, writer, or contributor as a source is obligatory.


Al Tareeq’s site management team is not legally responsible for supervising all comments and interactions; if a comment that violates the aforementioned Terms and Conditions is found, please report username and a copy of the infraction (URL) as soon as possible through our ‘Contact Us’ link